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Taste of victory: Khadija quietens down but she's on the winning team again on The Apprentice

Stamford's The Apprentice candidate Khadija Kalifa was back on television screens last night (Wednesday) - but not with a bang as she quietly got on with the job of winning the doughnut task.

Khadija Kalifa, Apprentice candidate. Photo: BBC (4858710)
Khadija Kalifa, Apprentice candidate. Photo: BBC (4858710)

The 28-year-old "mumpreneur" made good on her promise in last week's Mercury column that she would "try and be a bit less bossy" as the previously outspoken candidate barely said a word.

But, as part of newly-formed Team Typhoon, she won the task - convincingly beating the opposition. Team Typhoon's jam doughnut and tea and biscuit doughnut may have looked terrible but Team Collaborative's spicy doughnuts led to customers spitting them out.

The winning team celebrated with a game of human curling, where Khadija found her voice again to screech as she whizzed down the ice on a different kind of doughnut - a rubber one!

Now, 13 candidates are left. Next week they will sell at a body-building expo.

The Mercury's live updates from tonight's show:

9.55pm: A clearly emotional Frank, from Team Collaborative, has heard the dreaded phrase and felt the power of the fingerpoint: "You're fired!" Jasmine, who conceived the spicy doughnut, and project manager Tom, breathe a big sigh of relief.

9.45pm: Team Typhoon has won with a profit of £212.04 against Team Collaborative's £68.08. Khadija is off with the team for a game of human curling as her prize. She's found her voice screeching down the ice! Meanwhile, Team Collaborative faces the wrath of Lord Sugar, who's described their doughnuts as "absolute garbage".

9.40pm: They've done all they can - back to the dreaded boardroom to see how sales fared.

9.35pm: The corporate sub-team in Team Typhoon has sold all the doughnuts for half the price agreed. Khadija is on the streets of Waterloo selling to members of the public. Even sub-team leader Sabrina admits the doughnuts look "absolutely shocking". The opposing team isn't faring much better with their spicy doughnut.

9.25pm: Team Typhoon members are concerned the doughnuts don't look "high quality" whereas project manager says they are "chic and individual". Khadija has her sleeves rolled up in the kitchen and is baking and decorating.

9.20pm: An early start for the teams on the second day of the task as Khadija and Team Typhoon put on their aprons to start producing doughnuts.

9.15pm: Team Typhoon agrees doughnuts need to be "tasty" and "aesthetically pleasing". Camilla has opted for filled jam dougnuts and tea and biscuit ring dougnuts. Khadija is keeping a bit more quiet than last week.

9pm: The teams are being challenged to create, manufacture and sell gourmet doughnuts by Lord Sugar to the public and to a commercial buyer. Khadija has remained on the original girls team, now named Typhoon, and the project manager is Camilla. After last week, Khadija has so far remained quiet.

The opposing team is called Collaborative.

Last week, the 28-year-old owner of a cleaning firm was compared to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in her role as project manager of the girls side.

But she survived, leading the team to a huge victory with her comic book.

Khadija, nicknamed Khadiva on spin-off show You're Fired by comedian host Rhod Gilbert, caused a Twitter storm last week after saying she didn't know who Kim Jong-un was. Lord Sugar compared the outspoken entrepreneur to the dictator in a fiery boardroom exchange.

She's fighting for a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

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