Stephanie’s praise for neighbour after car fire in Bourne

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A MUM says her family was saved by a neighbour who bravely ran past a burning car twice to raise the alarm.

Stephanie Ward, 20, had no idea her partner’s Peugeot 306 was on fire on her driveway in Potters Close, Bourne, until neighbour Ingrida Galinyte hammered on the door at 5.20am on Sunday.

Ingride had to bang on the door on two occasions to wake Stephenie who was in the home with Jacie-Lei, four, and 19-month-old Wayde, 19.

Miss Ward dashed outside to be confronted by flames.

She said: “The flames were high, they covered the car.

“I ran back inside to phone the fire engine and then the windows blew out. It sounded like someone was shooting the windows.

“I was scared as my kids were inside in bed.”

When the fire engine arrived, Miss Ward took her children into the back garden while firefighters tackled the blaze.

She said: “It was a terrifying experience.”

The fire destroyed the car and damaged house windows and a fence.

Miss Ward thanked Mrs Galinyte for raising the alarm which gave her time to get her family out.

Miss Ward said: “She saved me and my kids, if it wasn’t for her I don’t want to think about what could have happened.

“I class myself lucky to be here right now. My son would have been most affected as his bedroom is at the front.

“She had to run past the car on fire to wake us up. She is a brave lady, I bought her flowers.”

The car is owned by Miss Ward’s partner Simon Coles, of George Street, Bourne, but who had left the house earlier.

Miss Ward rents her home from New Linx Housing Trust, which will send workers to assess the damage to the home.

The fire service said the blaze was started by an electrical fault.