Super slimmer gran from Bourne sheds a whopping 7st

Michele Joint, who lost 7st 4lb
Michele Joint, who lost 7st 4lb
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A GRANDMOTHER is enjoying a new lease of life after losing a staggering 7st 4lb.

Michele Joint was inspired to diet after the birth of her first grandchild Amelie four-and-a-half years ago.

Michele, 58, said: “I couldn’t face the prospect of her growing up and not being able to keep up with her as she got older.

“I had also started line dancing with Bourne 2 Line Dance and realised I was struggling to keep up as I kept having to sit down.”

Michelle, of Station Street, Rippingale, joined Slimming World with a friend in 2007 when she weighed 17st 3lb and was a size 24. She is now a size 12 and weighs 9st 13lb.

In honour of her achievement, she has been made her slimming group’s woman of the year.

Michele said: “I now have two granddaughters and find I have plenty of energy to look after them, and I go line dancing four or five times a week and never have to sit down because I’m tired.

“In fact, I’m always the first to get up.”

Michele is also sleeping better than ever, can climb stairs without her knees hurting and has even taken up cycling.

While she used to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, Michele says she would often snack on bread, crisps and cereal in the evening.

Now she has a cooked breakfast every day, a salad for lunch and a low fat meal in the evening.

She said: “If I’m hungry or just craving something in the evening, I’ll have more fruit and sometimes a Slimming World bar. I have cut out bread and cereal altogether and now I don’t have cravings for them.”

Michele is also enjoying the freedom to wear clothes she felt embarrassed to buy before.

Speaking about her Woman of the Year award, she said: “I felt very proud but also embarrassed because it has taken me such a long time to lose my weight that I didn’t really feel I deserved it.

“I am so much happier and more confident now.

“My family have all been very supportive as have my friends, telling me how much better and younger I look now.

“You have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight, but with Slimming World it really is extra easy if you give it a chance.

“I would urge people who want to lose weight to never give up trying! It is worth it.”