Superdad Robert helps deliver son

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A DAD helped to deliver his baby son who made an unexpected appearance on Sunday.

Robert Headland thought he had time to get his wife Emma, who was nine days overdue, to hospital when she suddenly went into labour during the early hours of Sunday.

But baby Ethan had other ideas and cool-headed Robert, 28 helped deliver his son on the living room floor for their home in Perth Road, Stamford.

The doting dad was talked through the delivery by staff at East Midlands Ambulance Service and a midwife later arrived to cut the cord for Ethan, who weighed 10lb 10.5oz.

When the couple’s three other sons, four-year-old Oliver, Oscar, three, and one-year-old Alfie, woke up later that morning, they had a new baby brother.

Emma, 27, who works part-time on the checkouts at Morrisons in Stamford, has praised Robert.

She said: “I am really proud of him and couldn’t believe how calm he was about it all and just got on with it.

“It seemed surreal, you joke about having a baby on the floor in the lounge but I never thought that I would be doing it.”

Robert, a goods in manager at FH Gilman & Co in Stamford, said: “I didn’t really have much time to think, I whacked the phone on speaker and just got on with it.

“It felt really good to deliver him at home.

“After the boys got up, I sent Emma up to bed to relax.

“I found it lovely to be able to look after him from the start and having the boys here.”

Ethan was due to be born on the February 18 and Emma feared that she would have to be induced after a false alarm two weeks ago fizzled out.

Emma woke up at 2.30am on Sunday with cramping and wasn’t sure if it was another false alarm.

But by 4.45am, they were in no doubt and called staff at the maternity unit before going to collect Emma’s mum, Mandy Lovett, who lives 15 minutes away in Barnack Road.

While Robert was dashing across town to pick up his mother-in-law, Emma made her way downstairs to the lounge, where her waters broke. Emma said: “If they had been any longer I would have had him before they got back as I had pressure to push.”

When Robert returned they knew they were not going to make it and were advised by the hospital to ring the ambulance control centre, who gave Robert instructions on what to do. Minutes later Ethan was born.

Robert said: “It was pretty straight forward. We just got on with it.”

The ambulance crew arrived shortly after and waited until a midwife arrived at about 6am to cut the cord and check Emma over.

Robert’s proud mum Julie, who lives in Tinwell Road with husband Paul, said; “We are really pleased that he was so calm.”

Ethan is now settling in well at his home and is adored by his big brothers.