Support Fairtrade with a coffee and cake at Oakham railway station

Photo:  MSMP240812-025ow'Oakham Railway Station. File picture.
Photo: MSMP240812-025ow'Oakham Railway Station. File picture.
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Change Agents UK, a not-for-profit organisation based at Oakham railway station, is recognising Fairtrade Fortnight in Oakham, by hosting a Coffee and Cake Morning for the community.

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 1 from 6.15am to 11.15am.

Fairtrade has worked for years to benefit small-scale farmers and workers across the globe, who are often marginalised; through trade rather than aid1. The key focus of Fairtrade is on achieving fair prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Change Agents UK is calling on the local community of Oakham to show their support and visit the Fairtrade Coffee and Cake Morning.

All proceeds generated will be donated to the Fairtrade Foundation UK and the charity hopes to raise more than £100.

Joining Change Agents UK in their support for Fairtrade are Percol Coffee co., Liberation Nuts and Tropical Wholefoods, who have all kindly donated food and ingredients for the coffee and cake breakfast.

Marissa Watts, CEO at Change Agents UK, said: “We are pleased to continue our annual support of the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign to help the world’s most vulnerable farmers and workers.

“Change Agents UK will be offering tea, coffee, hot chocolate and delicious homemade treats in our meeting room off platform 1 at the station.

“Our team will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding Fairtrade or Change Agents UK and the valuable work we do in recruiting and developing graduates and young people driven by the desire to work for ethical and responsible businesses.”

To join the Coffee and Cake Morning, just follow the sign at Oakham Railway Station, on March 1 from 6.15am to 11.15am.