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Parkinson's discussion group held at The William Cecil Hotel features speakers from the University of Lincoln and the Italian Neuromed Institute

A Parkinson's disease discussion group has taken place to talk about new approaches to the disease.

The meeting - which was held at the William Cecil Hotel on November 21 - was attended by 18 members of the Parkinson's community.

Dr Richard Ngomba from the school of pharmacy at the University of Lincoln attended the meeting to discuss the latest development in 'the way we think about Parkinson’s disease'.

Parkinson's meeting
Parkinson's meeting

He also invited Dr Nicola Modugno - a neurologist specialist from the Italian Neuromed Institute - to join him.

Dr Ngomba introduced the aim of the meeting and explained that the people living with Parkinson’s disease are all different; there are numerous disorders associated to it and the side-effects of treatments depend on the individual.

There was a discussion about medication and the attendees explained the difficulty of having to inject in public places and the embarrassing moments because of it.

People also explained how they have been walked over after falling down, with people telling them 'they are a disgrace' for being drunk.

The aim of the discussion is to set up a group of those with the condition and to start expanding on the individuals experiences to use as a collective experience.

Dr Ngomba said the meeting was a success, adding: "This is a great opportunity to help the community.

"It's a way to get people with Parkinson's disease to be more involved."

Since the meeting, Parkinson's patients have visited the University of Lincoln to tell students about their symptoms, which will help development in research.

Another meeting is being planned in the new year.

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