Tai chi classes for dementia sufferers

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People with dementia are being taught tai chi to keep them healthy and more people are being invited to give it a try.

Members of Dementia Support South Lincs first tried tai chi in November 2011, and after early success the classes have been relaunched in Stamford and Bourne. For a limited time they are free.

Dementia Support South Lincs memory health care worker Kate Marshall said: “We have been running tai chi sessions in Stamford since September this year funded by a grant from The Tanner Trust. This means the classes are free.

“We have enough funding to continue the sessions until Christmas and really hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new.”

The class includes people with all forms of dementia, their carers and people who work for the support group. There are also several people with Parkinson’s disease and similar conditions. The age and ability range is wide, ranging from very fit people to those with other health issues.

Rather than trying to cope with the hundreds of movements that make up the traditional tai chi sequence, the instructors keep it simple.

There is a mixture of warm-ups, health exercises, traditional tai chi moves and meditation techniques all bound together by a spirit of fun and followed by a cup of tea.

The classes were re-launched last month but the instructors are still looking for more people to get involved .

The sessions run between 2pm and 3pm on Wednesdays at Wake House, in North Street, Bourne and at the same time every Monday at The Danish Invader in Empingham Road, Stamford. Classes are free but donations are welcomed.

For more information call Kate Marshall on 01778 440153 or 07867 635611 or e-mail k.marshall18@btinternet.com