Tai chi grandmaster Joe flies in to visit Bourne students

Tai chi grandmaster Joe Lok flew in from Hong Kong to see students in Bourne EMN-160920-164941001
Tai chi grandmaster Joe Lok flew in from Hong Kong to see students in Bourne EMN-160920-164941001
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Tai chi grandmaster Joe Lok flew in from Hong Kong to see students of the ancient martial art in action in Bourne.

World-renowned expert Joe spent several hours with 22 students in a function room at the Angel Hotel, in North Street.

The visit was organised by Ray Pawlett, from Morton Fen, a former British Champion, who has been teaching tai chi for decades.

The 48-year-old runs regular classes at Wake House in Bourne and also offers shiatsu massage and meditation sessions.

After meeting with Joe for the third time, Ray is now accredited to teach his new tai chi system, called Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing.

Ray said: “Joe Lok is famous for being one of the top tai chi masters and it was a pleasure to welcome him to Bourne again.

“His tai chi system focuses on health benefits. Taking part can be hugely beneficial and helps with a range of problems from bad posture and digestion issues through to stress and depression.”

Ray said tai chi can be beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Phoenix system incorporates all of the aspects of tai chi – working with body, mind and spirit. The emphasis is towards physical, mental and spiritual health but it also contains martial arts theory as would be expected of a true tai chi form.

Master Lok was said to be particularly impressed with the work Ray and his student Jonathan Ireland were doing.

He offered them the opportunity to take a grading, and Ray attained the status of ‘instructor’ and Jonathan ‘advanced student’.

Ray added: “This is indeed prestigious. There are only a small handful of people in the UK who have reached this level with the Phoenix routine and I do not think that there is another tai chi club in the UK where two members are graded to these levels in the Phoenix form.

“It is therefore with a great deal of confidence that we can offer the coaching to others.

“Tai chi is suitable for all. At Ki-Ways I have taught the complete range of people from the super fit to people with dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, ME, Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and many other conditions.

“It is my personal belief that the work I do with tai chi, shiatsu treatments and meditation can help nearly everybody. It is drug free and therefore very low risk to even the most vulnerable and the effects have been remarkable over the years.”

Ray runs tai chi classes at Wake House, North Street, Bourne, at 2pm and 7.15 pm on Tuesdays and Jonathan does one at 7pm on Thursdays.

Other sessions such as Taoist yoga, meditation, dementia tai chi, healing, pushing hands and martial arts also are run regularly.

For more information, visit www.ki-ways.com, or call 07413 620344.