The Action for Stamford Sport and Leisure Group wants Stamford Endowed School’s pool open to public

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A SPORTS facility campaign group wants a school’s new £6m swimming pool opened up to the public.

The Action for Stamford Sport and Leisure Group met on Monday for the fist time since being saved from folding.

One of its first projects is to see if Stamford Endowed Schools’ new pool in Conduit Road could be used by the public.

The pool has taken 13 months to complete and is due to be handed over to the school on Friday, April 13.

However, when it was granted planning permission by South Kesteven District Council, one of the conditions was that it could only be used by the school to reduce a build up of traffic and parking along Conduit Road.

The school is backing the group’s proposal.

Principal Stephen Roberts said: “There is a lot of opportunity there and with a bit of imaginative thinking we believe that we could open up the facility to the public.

“We want to work with the group so the town can benefit from our sports facilities, like they already do with our artificial sports pitches.”

Any changes to the planning condition would have to be approved by the district council.

Chris Finch, Stamford Endwoed Schools supervisor of sport and leisure facilities, voiced his support for the plans when he attended the meeting.

He said that an online survey of pupils’ parents showed that 40 per cent would be willing to walk a short distance to use the new facilities.

At Monday’s meeting, campaign group member and district councillor Harrish Bisnauthsing (LibDem) suggesting a trial, using the school and other nearby car parks to try and ease any traffic fears.

The campaign group also decided that a website to serve all sports clubs in Stamford will be created to provide information about all the clubs in one place. It will be designed by New College Stamford director of learning Garry McPartland.

The group was saved earlier this year when new members were found.