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The Apprentice candidate Khadija Kalifa, from Stamford, reacts to this week's budget airline task on the BBC One show

Disruptive...? Aggressive...? Hungry for Success?

Definitely the latter!

Khadija Kalifa. Photo: BBC (4886097)
Khadija Kalifa. Photo: BBC (4886097)

Honestly the words disruptive and aggressive are like water off a duck’s back to me now. #boreoff

A true leader cannot hide and be overshadowed, they stand up for what's right and make their voice heard, trying to change the world for the better and succeed at everything they do.

I am an awful loser, I admit.

The thought of losing is just not something that I comprehend.

I therefore have no time to be monitoring how I speak, what I say or how it's delivered, I'm too focussed on trying to win.

Yesterday's episode was an eye opener into how people will dislike you whether you are nice (quiet) or not.

I spent an entire task supporting a leader that I thought was making bad decisions (biting my tongue) and I still ended up in the boardroom.

Maybe I should have told him that his concept was rubbish from the get go, in true Khadija style!

Note to self, always speak your mind.

Never intentionally try to upset people but always keep it real!

Those that know me well, know that I always have the best intentions so that's all that matters to me.

#ThickSkin #BeYou #BeTrue #WhoCares #StandUpForWhatsRight #SheLovesAHashtag

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