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Oakham police officers to receive awards from Royal Humane Society for saving cyclist who collapsed

Two police officers who gave life-saving first aid when a cyclist collapsed in front of them are keen to share their skills with the public.

Joe Lloyd and Laurie Appleton leapt into action when they spotted a man slouched over his bike during their patrols in Oakham.

As they pulled over to check on him, the man collapsed on the verge and they realised he wasn't breathing.

PCs Joe Lloyd and Laurie Appleton (48889882)
PCs Joe Lloyd and Laurie Appleton (48889882)

The officers instantly began to give cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - an action which ultimately saved the man's life.

Joe and Laurie are now set to receive a national recognition award, although they are quick to praise the others who helped out.

Laurie said: "There was a bit of initial panic but we train for this every year and it helped that we were together.

PC Laurie Appleton
PC Laurie Appleton

"Joe has performed CPR before, but it was the first time for me after 23 years in the force.

"You just hope that you are doing the right thing and making a difference."

The incident happened in January on Lands End Way in Oakham. The officers were heading back to the station to finish their shift when they came across the cyclist.

Joe and Laurie were helped by a passing nurse, Sue Baker, and between the three of them they administered CPR for 16 minutes.

PC Joe Lloyd
PC Joe Lloyd

Doctor Leon Roberts, from the East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme, then arrived and used a defibrillator five times on the cyclist to restore a regular heartbeat.

He was taken to hospital and it wasn't until the following day that the officers heard he had survived.

Laurie said: "It was absolutely fantastic news. It was a team effort and we were just a small cog in that chain."

On Friday (July 9) the two police officers will join Dr Roberts to present a video on social media highlighting the importance of CPR and getting help fast.

The officers will also receive Royal Humane Society resuscitation certificates, having been nominated by the cyclist himself, who did not want to be named.

Society secretary Andrew Chapman said: “Thanks to their swift action, he is alive today but it could have been a very different story if they hadn’t reached him as quickly as they did.

“They were the right people in the right place at the right time. In cases like this it’s essential that CPR is started as quickly as possible if it is to be successful.

“This is another of many cases which show the value of as many people as possible learning CPR techniques. It can, as it did here, make the difference between life and death.”

The cyclist, a retired police officer, underwent surgery and returned home four days later.

He contacted and met up with Joe and Laurie several weeks later to thank them for saving his life.

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