The Wool Room in Stamford sets handmade sheep record

The thousands of Shaun the Sheep knits collected for the Pom Pom Parade campaign
The thousands of Shaun the Sheep knits collected for the Pom Pom Parade campaign
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A campaign to promote the versatility and value of wool has set a new Guinness World Record after backers from around the world flocked to help.

The Wool Room, in Stamford, put out a call to make small woollen sheep and send them in.

Within months the Pom Pom Parade campaign saw thousands of sheep-shaped knits arrive from enthusiasts from as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and Brazil, who were equally keen to promote the benefits of the fibre.

In 12 months the total number of pom pom sheep sent in stood at 8,998 - setting the world record for ‘the largest collection of handmade sheep’.

The project began a year ago in support of the Campaign for Wool, a global endeavour backed by Prince Charles, to raise awareness about the sustainable benefits of wool.

Project manager Jennifer Warr said the idea for the Pom Pom Parade came from ‘Join the Flock’ campaign in 2011 by Eden Arts, which also supports the Campaign for Wool.

At the end of August the woolly sheep were displayed at London Zoo at a Little Creatures Family Festival aimed at educating children about wool, which was attended by more than 24,000 visitors.

Ms Warr, who is also marketing manager for The Wool Room, in Star Lane, said: “The festival focused on fun and enriching activities for children, with an emphasis on nature, natural materials and conservation.”

Since the record breaking display the flock have made several appearances across the UK to educate children and adults.