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Leicestershire police and crime commissioner elections 2021: 3 candidates fighting for role highlight their priorities

Three candidates are fighting for the position of Leicestershire police and crime commissioner (PCC), which goes to the public vote on May 6.

The PCC oversees the strategy and finances of the police force, and hires and fires chief constables, who are responsible for the daily policing operations.

Here are the people who are campaigning for your vote…

Rupert Matthews

Conservative Party

Rupert Matthews
Rupert Matthews

Rutland needs better, more local and more effective community-based policing. And I am determined to introduce it within the next three years.

My vision is for efficient, robust and professional policing in Rutland. I want more offenders caught, more crime prevented and to put policing back into all our communities. I want the police to be connected to our communities to mobilise their community spirit. I want more compassion and support shown to victims of crime.

As we build back better, it is vital that Rutland takes full advantage of the decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to put law and order back at the heart of our domestic political agenda. With 20,000 new police officers, more prison places and tough new laws for domestic abusers and those who assault police officers the police can help society to level up. To harness this great support for policing from the Government, Rutland needs a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner with the ability to influence national policy and ensure that our voices are heard.

The job of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to be the voice of the people. I will represent the public to the police, not the police to the public. That is why I will be spending so much time in Rutland – holding public meetings, visiting the county council, chatting to parish councillors and staying in touch with all parts of the county.

Oh – and one more thing. I am campaigning to change the name of our police force to be “The Leicestershire and Rutland Police”. The name “Leicestershire Police” encourages the lazy assumption that Rutland does not count. I have already spoken to the Home Secretary about this and will make it a top priority if elected.

You can read my manifesto on my website www.RupertMatthews.org.uk

To keep fully up to date with the campaign, follow me on social media. I am on Twitter as @Rupert_Matthews and on Facebook as @RupertMatthewsPCC

Please vote Conservative on 6 May – or earlier if you have a postal vote.

James Moore

Liberal Democrat

James Moore
James Moore

Dr James Moore – Rutland’s Choice

Liberal Democrat Dr James Moore is the only candidate who lives in Rutland and the only candidate committed to bringing back a county police station to Rutland. James campaigned against the Conservative plan to centralise police services in Leicester and the sale of Oakham’s police station. He is determined to see the restoration of local patrols and local criminal investigation teams, so that the police can really get to know local people and local communities.

Liberal Democrat Priorities - Keeping Villages and Communities Safe

Liberal Democrat councillors work with the police all-year-round to protect the community. As Liberal Democrat Police Commissioner, James Moore will:

  • Extend community policing and community patrols, with a greater focus on rural and agricultural crime
  • Introduce a ‘street safe’ initiative and improve street lighting
  • Tackle dangerous driving and speeding, especially through villages
  • Adopt a more preventative approach towards domestic violence
  • Tackle burglary and develop new burglary prevention initiatives with local communities
  • Enhance efforts to tackle drug crime and county lines gangs
  • Develop more community neighbourhood watch and crime prevention initiatives
  • Provide better support to victims of crime

Supporting the Police - Helping, Not Hindering

A Liberal Democrat Police Commissioner will work closely and constructively with the Chief Constable to improve local policing. Liberal Democrats will ensure communities have a direct say in local policing and crime prevention.

More Police, Not More Politicians

The Liberal Democrats believe that the Office of the Police Commissioner costs far too much. James Moore will cut the cost of bureaucracy and reduce the number of paid advisors within it to a minimum. Liberal Democrats want to see more police, not more politicians and political advisors.

Tory and Labour Commissioners mean More of the Same

We have had Conservative and Labour Police Commissioners, yet almost a decade on we have far fewer police in Leicestershire and Rutland than ten years ago. Liberal Democrats will fight for a restoration of police numbers, improve youth and community services and bring back local policing.

Ross Willmott

Labour and Co-operative Party

Ross Willmott
Ross Willmott

Public services safe with Labour

Now is the time to defend our public services.

Over the last year we have seen how important the NHS, social care, and the police have been.

The choice in this election is between Labour’s Ross Willmott who is serious about defending public services and tackling the rise in violent crime or the Conservatives who have slashed police numbers and let crime rise. As PCC Ross will add his voice to defend public services, the police, youth work, social care, and our NHS.

Ross knows the county and city well. He grew up and went to school in the county and represented Ibstock on the county council.

Ross moved to the city and successfully led the City Council for 10 years bringing about the biggest job creation in the city’s history. He introduced the city wardens who have been a great force in stopping crime and anti-social behaviour.

Ross is committed to ensuring that rural areas are policed properly and we can only do this with more officers on the ground, Ross’s key pledge. Willy Bach, Labour’s PCC has increased the numbers of police officers by 289. The Conservatives had cut them by 550. Ross will continue to increase the numbers of police officers. He will ensure residents are listened to when they report a crime and that they get a proper response. He wants to do more to help prevent crime, thefts of cars, agricultural vehicles etc. Ross is committed to being PCC for the whole area including Rutland and has already been listening to Rural Crime Rutland.

Ross understands rural issues as he currently works for a parish council in Leicestershire.

Ross’s pledges:

  • Real community policing

More officers on the beat makings streets safer

  • Crime prevention

Defeating knife crime, investing in young people

  • Acting on what you tell me

In every neighbourhood with more support to victims of crime

  • Tackling Domestic Violence

And stopping the exploitation of children and adults.

Willy Bach, our current PCC, asks you to vote for Ross as his successor.


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