Three displays to wow crowd

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A SLIGHT hitch with the sound did not stop a firework display impressing the crowd.

The fourth annual Baston bonfire night event drew a crowd of 3,000 people on Sunday night.

Along with fairground rides and hot foods, visitors were treated to three separate displays.

The first was the lighting of six bonfire braziers by special explosions, while smaller fireworks gave young children something to enjoy.

And a final firework show with a “space” theme wowed the masses, despite the PA cutting out half-way through the display.

Anthony Squires, chairman of the Baston Firework Committee, was pleased with the night’s entertainment.

“The main display was incredibly impressive.

“We had a slight hitch with the sound but apart from that it went well.

“People thought it was a step up from last year. Some have been comparing it to Disney and all sorts.”

The Baston event has grown bigger every year, and this time raised more than £5,000 through entrance fees and food sales. The money will all go back into the village.

Mr Squires added: “We did extraordinarily well.”