Top global role for solicitor Nicholas Fluck

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A high street solicitor hopes to represent his profession with pride after being appointed president of an industry body.

Nicholas Fluck, a partner in Stamford firm Stapleton and Sons, is the new president of the Law Society of England and Wales.

Nicholas, who grew up in Stamford and was a pupil at Stamford School, will serve in the role for a year. He will represent every solicitor in England and Wales at events around the world.

He said: “It is a momentous responsibility. Having taken it on it almost runs you rather than you run it.

“It is a hugely important thing to do. You carry the hopes and aspirations of your whole profession with you.”

The president’s role has two main aspects. The first is to represent members of the profession and the second is to be an ambassador for English law itself.

Nicholas said: “English law is a hugely exportable commodity.

“Many of our big firms work in a number of regions. We have people working all over the globe.

“There are developing countries where we are looking to establish English law or provide a foothold for English law firms.”

Having worked for a high street practice for 32 years, Nicholas is keen to use his role to promote the work of smaller firms.

He added: “My own practice is a small high street firm but we had always had a very widely-spread client base. We act for clients from all over the world.

“It’s not only part of my role to shout about my own firm but also to shout about other firms as well.

“High street firms are hugely important because they provide such a variety of legal services. They are very accessible to people.”

While Nicholas will spend his year at the head of his profession in the grand presidential property in London, he has not forgotten the more humble beginnings to his career.

After gaining a humanities with French degree at Huddersfield Polytechnic he got a job as a tractor driver on a farm for a year while saving to fund his legal studies.

Nicholas remembers one particular occasion when he met some surprised former schoolmates while driving a tractor along a country lane.

But he added: “Instead of taking a gap year and travelling I had a year making money.”

He then took his legal training at Stapleton and Son and has stayed with the firm ever since.

Partner James Buxton said: “This significant appointment is recognition of Nick’s qualities as a lawyer and contribution to legal services.”

Nicholas is not the first former Stamford School pupil to become president of The Law Society of England and Wales. Sir Ronald Long, who took the role in 1963, is also an alumni.