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Climate change protestors campaign in Stamford and ask the town council to declare a climate emergency

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How would Stamford cope with migrants from Boston, King's Lynn and Holbeach?

Town councillors were presented with the question as environmentalists urged the council to declare a ‘climate emergency.’

Before Tuesday’s meeting of the full council, campaigners Val Harvey and Maggie Bentley protested outside the town hall as Stamford sizzled on what was - at that point - the hottest day of the year.

Val Harvey and Maggie Bentley outside Stamford Town Hall on Tuesday (14229269)
Val Harvey and Maggie Bentley outside Stamford Town Hall on Tuesday (14229269)

Inside, the traditional mayoral robes were left unused and one councillor used her papers as a fan.

Val Harvey told the meeting that climate change is “frightening” and “we need to do something".

She described how the atmosphere had 315 parts of carbon dioxide per million 60 years ago, but now this is 415 parts per million, creating a blanket around the planet. Scientists predict 450 parts per million represents a ‘tipping point,’ and this will be reached in 12 years.

Val also warned that flooding could make large areas of Lincolnshire uninhabitable because some parts are just six metres above sea level.

“How would Stamford cope with migrants from Boston, Kings Lynn, Holbeach?” she asked.

Val said she accepted that the town council has limited powers, but it has “a voice which could be used to declare an emergency so people in Stamford begin to act differently".

Changed behaviour could include setting heating thermostats lower and buying clothes from Oxfam, instead of buying cheap and throwing it away.

Val asked the council to set up a sub-group on the issue, adding she and others campaign in Stamford every Friday. She added: “We cannot go on and consume, consume, consume.”

Mayor Breda Griffin asked for their contact details, saying: “We can’t decide that tonight. We need to discuss it among ourselves.”

What do you think? Should Stamford Town Council declare a climate change emergency? Send your views to smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk

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