Town features in TV show about power of illusions

Owner of the Ice Cream Cafe, Stamford, Amanda Bladen
Owner of the Ice Cream Cafe, Stamford, Amanda Bladen
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The people of Stamford will be the stars of a new television series that shows how a large-scale illusion can lead to belief in strange phenomena.

The first episode of The Happenings will air on the Watch channel at 9pm on Monday, December 9.

The show follows celebrity magicians Barry and Stuart as they try to make the residents of UK and US towns believe in the supernatural through illusions and tricks.

Part of the first episode was filmed in Stamford in August. Barry and Stuart, along with presenter Stacey Solomon, visited the town amid staged reports of strange lights in the sky.

The magicians spent a day filming at Ice Cream Cafe in Star Lane, where they set up an illusion of a fork being trapped between two panes of glass in the shop window.

Cafe owner Amanda Bladen said it was an exciting day.

She added: “It was all a bit surreal. We knew that there was going to be an illusion but we weren’t sure how it was going to be done.”

Among the other “mysteries” set up for the show were two Youtube videos showing strange lights in the sky and a crop circle near Ketton.

Amanda said: “Apparently a meteorite was found in the centre of the crop circle. It had strange effects on metal.”

While Amanda knew about the premise of the show, she was left in the dark as to how the illusions were

She said: “I am as interested as anyone else to see how they did it. And it’s great exposure for the business.”

The four-part series was created by Objective Productions and Crook Productions.

Executive producer Matt Crook said: “The people of Stamford were brilliant and we were thrilled to be able to bring some magic to the town.”

The Watch channel can be found at 109 on Sky, 124 on Virgin and 857 on 
BT Vision.