Traders hit out at drunken vandals

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ANGRY traders have slammed drunken revellers who regularly use their shopfronts as toilets.

Staff at businesses in Stamford’s lanes regularly arrive at work to find vomit, urine and discarded takeaway food in their doorways. And in many cases, they are forced to clean up the mess themselves.

Some shops have even had their windows broken and for many business owners it is an ongoing problem.

Helen Fox, of Mummy and Me in Wellington Way, had a store window smashed two weeks ago. She said: “Most mornings I have to deal with puddles of sick and even worse outside my business. I shouldn’t have to clean it up.

“It’s a real shame because people come to Stamford to see the lanes, they are part of the town’s charm. But when they are left in this state, it puts people off.”

Andy Stretton, who owns Stamford Photo Express in Red Lion Street, thinks this kind of drunken behaviour is unacceptable.

He said: “Sometimes I feel like we might as well be living in medieval times, with some of the behaviour that goes on. It’s become socially acceptable.”

Julie Gibbons, the owner of Lunch Buns in Wellington Lane, said: “I don’t want to start my day cleaning up vomit but I am forced to do it for the sake of my business.

“We sell food and customers don’t want to be stepping round sick before they buy their sandwiches. It’s worse in summer because of the smell, which lingers all day.”