Training exercise takes place at base

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Memories of Mission Impossible filming landed at RAF Wittering as the base played host to a training event.

No 1 Air Mobility Wing (1AMW) specialises in aircraft handling, cargo handling and the safe loading and unloading of military transport aircraft.

In November 2015 daredevil actor Tom Cruise clinged to the side of an Airbus A400M above the base for filming for Mission Impossible 5.

Without Tom on-tow, an Airbus A400M landed at the the base on Thursday March 22 to help the squadron train.

During the exercise, 1AMW repeatedly practiced aircraft handling, loading and unloading.

1AMW commanding officer, Wing Commander Stu Gregory said: “RAF Wittering is a fabulous location for this kind of fieldwork and live aircraft operations. For the purposes of this exercise, Wittering is simulating an austere environment as we are prepare for future operations and exercises abroad.”

Wing Commander Gregory is the officer commanding 1AMW and has been with the RAF for 22 years.

The A400M is known as the Atlas C1 in the RAF and can carry a 25-tonne payload over 2,000 nautical miles to remote, short and unprepared airfields around the world.

Around 70 men and women were involved in the exercise.