Transgender woman speaks about her life

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A TRANSGENDER woman spoke about her life at a public meeting.

Jane Fae, of Church Street, Deeping St James, will finally be shedding off her old life as a man when she undergoes gender realignment surgery in Brighton this month.

Jane, who was born, John Ozimek, has been living as a woman for over a year and discussed her experiences during a public meeting in Deepings Leisure Centre, Park Road, Deeping St James, on Wednesday last week.

Twenty people attended, including representatives from the leisure centre, South Kesteven District Council and the police.

Jane said: “I spoke of the sense of coming home: my joy at transitioning; and how well I have been treated by most in the community.

“I praised the leisure centre for the support they have given me over the last year, and suggested that they are a model that others should follow.

“Although I love my transition, I have also had to learn to ‘walk softly’.

“I spoke, as I did in Trafalgar Square, of a climate of violence faced by transwomen.

“Two in three face abuse on the streets, one in three face threat and one in ten are likely to be assaulted.

“Transition is the best thing I have ever done: it is also the most dangerous.”

Jane, who says things have felt wrong since her teenage years, admitted to her partner Andrea Fletcher that she was having gender issues at Christmas, 2009.

She has been living as a woman ever since.

She has been taking hormones over the last year which have changed her body.

Jane lives with partner Andrea, their six-year-old son, and both their daughters from previous relationships..