Bus driver in lucky escape after topple

A fowlers bus which on it's way to Deeping St James on the B1166 from Crowland
A fowlers bus which on it's way to Deeping St James on the B1166 from Crowland
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A bus driver on his way to pick up pupils from school was lucky to escape without injury after his vehicle toppled over in high winds.

The double decker ended up on its side after coming off Welland Bank between Deeping St James and Crowland at about 3pm on Thursday last week.

It had been on its way to the Deepings School to pick up pupils. Luckily the driver was the only person on board at the time, and he was unhurt in the crash.

The bus was operated by Spalding firm Fowler’s Travel. Owner Andrew Fowler said: “The driver wasn’t injured at all and was back in the saddle the next morning.

“A recovery firm righted the bus and it is being repaired. They are quite resilient things.

“We sent another bus straight to the school and sorted that out.”

Wind speeds were high at the time of the crash, and Mr Fowler believes a strong gust may have caused the bus to leave the road.

He said: “It was the wind as much as anything. Constant wind isn’t a problem but it was gusty and that can be an issue.”

Once the bus hit the steep bank at the side of the road there was only one way for it to go.

Mr Fowler said: “The driver has been driving for 40 years. It was just one of those things.

“He was only driving at about 15mph and a lorry ahead was getting blown about as well.

“We’ve had buses going along that bank for nearly 70 years and it’s the first time anything like that has happened.”