Call for motorists not to park next to dropped kerbs in Uppingham and Oakham

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MOTORISTS in Rutland are being asked not to park alongside dropped kerbs in Uppingham and Oakham.

A dropped kerb is when the edge of the pavement is lowered to make a gentle ramp for pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchairs and vehicles.

The Highway Code states that motorists should not “stop or park where the kerb has been lowered”, and Rutland County Council will be paying particular attention to this from the beginning of September.

Chairman of Rutland Access Group Karen Mellor said: “The Rutland Action Group is really pleased that the council is taking a closer look at this, as cars blocking dropped kerbs can provide a real inconvenience to those using a wheelchair, scooter, or with mobility issues.

“If the route to cross a road is blocked it can often mean a detour of at least a couple of hundred yards to find another suitable place to cross, or create an obstruction that is impossible to get around. We work closely with the council on issues such as this and fully support their actions.”

Over the next few weeks, Rutland County Council will place warning letters on cars that are blocking dropped kerbs but from September motorists will get an instant fine of £70.

Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Parking Martyn Pocock (Con) said: “We know that inconsiderate parking by a minority of drivers is something that our local community feels strongly about and we’re working with them to tackle this issue. Parking across dropped kerbs can cause real difficulties for pedestrians, especially those with mobility difficulties.

“We’re adopting a sensible approach to this by issuing warning letters for the first few weeks. However, from September, we’ll start issuing real parking tickets when a car is found to be blocking a dropped kerb. I’d also like to point that the rules apply to all drivers, including blue badge holders.”

For information please visit the council website at or contact Rutland County Council on 01572 722 577.