Call to finish Colsterworth’s ‘cycle path to nowhere’

The cycle track and footpath along the A151 Bourne Road stops short of 600 meters cutting off access to Twyford Woods EMN-140716-174104001
The cycle track and footpath along the A151 Bourne Road stops short of 600 meters cutting off access to Twyford Woods EMN-140716-174104001
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A partially completed cycle route has been dubbed “a path to nowhere” after being left unfinished for three years.

Now councillors in Colsterworth are urging Lincolnshire County Council to complete the path or help them get funding to finish it.

But the county council says its part of the cycle way is complete and they are waiting on the parish council to finalise their bid for the remaining 600 metre section.

The cycle way extends from the village to nearby Twyford Woods along the A151 Bourne Road - a short distance from Colsterworth and Woolsthorpe. Colsterworth and District Parish Council parish clerk John Hannam said: “The busy A1 dual carriageway separates the villages from Twyford Wood making access to this valuable recreational area only safely reached by car.

“A cycle track was partly built three years ago when the A1 Colsterworth roundabout was replaced with a flyover .”

But they have not completed it. It goes a quarter of the distance but 600 metres has been left.

“The county council is saying they have no money, so we are left with a path to nowhere.”

Twyford Wood is an ancient woodland and the site of a Second World War airfield known as RAF North Witham with the open runways and derelict control tower still in place.

The airfield area of the wood was planted with oak and conifer trees after the war and is now managed by the Forestry Commission. And the grassland areas are home to a “regionally important” colony of dingy and grizzled skipper butterflies.

Mr Hannam said: “LCC Highways estimate the cost to complete the cycle track at £75,000 but say they have no funding available.

“We understand that money is an issue so we are hoping they will work with us to get funding.”

The parish council wants to apply to Wren, the environmental body that funds eligible projects, for a grant but can only do so with the help of Lincolnshire County Council and as a joint project.

Lincolnshire County Council maintains it is working “alongside the parish council and developers to put in a footpath/cycle path to Twyford Wood”.

Area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “The county council’s section was completed at end of April and we’re just waiting on the parish council and the (housing) developers to complete their bid for the final section so the project can be completed.”

Around 60-metres of the path was built in April this year but the bulk of the 600-metres still remain unfinished.

County councillor for Colsterworth Rural Bob Adams,, said he was doing all he can to help the parish council get the project underway.”

Colsterworth is classified sustainable and Mr Hannam said the path was key to giving the area’s growing communities “access to the recreational facility on foot and cycle”.