Car smashes into house in Bourne

Grade II listed building Cavalry House, South Street, Bourne showing damage following a car accident
Grade II listed building Cavalry House, South Street, Bourne showing damage following a car accident
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THE owner of a historic house has described the moment a car crashed into his front room.

Stephen Reed, 47, was watching television with his son David at about 10.10pm on Wednesday when a silver Toyota came off the road and smashed into his house in South Street, Bourne.

Mr Reed said: “We heard an almighty crash and had two headlights pointing into the living room. We were showered with bricks and timber.

“I knew exactly what had happened although my son was in shock.

“I went running outside, my first concern was that someone was injured. Luckily no-one was hurt.”

Mr Reed’s wife Colette called the police and officers turned up with an ambulance a short time later.

The young man driving the car and his female passenger were shaken but otherwise okay.

Mr Reed said: “I realised the window frame had hit my hand but I was fine. We were lucky. It hit with such a force.

“We have a heavy wooden pouffe that sits in front of the bay window and that was thrown across the room.”

Mr Reed, a resin floor layer by trade, lives in Cavalry House, a Grade II listed building on a notorious corner of South Street.

The house on the inside of the bend has been hit by passing lorries before and Mr Reed said something needed to be done to slow down traffic.

“It is treacherous for kids going to school in the morning,” he said. “They could put in speed bumps.

“The problem with Bourne is that it has missed the boat. Years ago local people tried to get the S-bend taken out. But houses were built instead. They should have put a footpath in that goes past Red Hall.”

Mr Reed spent yesterday boarding up the hole in his house with the help of local builder Jason Rock.

Repairs could take longer than they would on a newer house as the building is listed. This means the wall will have to be built in the same way as it was before the crash.

Mr Reed said: “It needs panelled timber work in the bay window and the concrete lintel needs to be the same size and shape.

“For now the room will be cold and it will be a bit noisier but at least it is secure.”