Couple’s despair as car crashes into Caldecott house

The Olde House in Caldecott which was hit by a car and damaged'Photo: MSMP270513-089js
The Olde House in Caldecott which was hit by a car and damaged'Photo: MSMP270513-089js
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A couple were awoken to what they thought was an earthquake or bomb when a car crashed into their house in the middle of the night.

Mike and Patricia Tobin rushed downstairs after they were woken up by the loud bang in the early hours of Saturday morning to find the vehicle had ploughed into the side of the living room at their cottage in Uppingham Road, Caldecott.

It was the fourth time in four years that a motorist has crashed into their property but Mr Tobin said that this collision was the most horrendous of them all.

Bricks from the external wall were scattered across the living room, and the impact was so hard, the car flew across the road.

Describing the drama, Mr Tobin, 64, said: “We thought it was an earthquake or a bomb had gone off. The whole building shook.

“The sound was horrendous. The car must’ve hit the wall so hard because it’s pushed the external bricks through to the living room. A wall which is 3ft thick.

“We’ve had cars hit the house before but nothing that’s caused as much damage as this.”

Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly after the incident at about 12.20am. Thankfully no-one was injured in the incident.

A 19-year-old woman from Uppingham, has been charged with drink driving and will appear at Loughborough Magistrates Court on June 19.

Through the village there is a 30mph speed limit. The couple’s house lies on a bend in the road, which for cars entering the village from Rockingham, does not appear until they reach the turn.

Mr Tobin believes more traffic calming measures should be introduced to the village.

He said: “People have no idea of the speed they are doing when they go through the village.

“There is a warning sign at the entrance to the village when you drive in from Uppingham but no warnings from Rockingham.

“There needs to be more traffic calming measures and warnings. Drivers seem to accelerate through and it won’t be long before someone is killed.

“We’ve been hit four times and we’re fed up. We’re both extremely annoyed by it all.”

Mr Tobin works as a commercial driving instructor and was due to take a course in Bristol on Sunday morning, but he had to cancel this after the drama.

He expects the cost of the damage to run into the thousands.

Builders have already begun work on repairs to the wall.