Main Road in Tallington closed to traffic from Stamford direction - expect delays

Network Rail engineers are on their way to fix a level crossing fault reported in Woolram Wygate, Spalding.
Network Rail engineers are on their way to fix a level crossing fault reported in Woolram Wygate, Spalding.
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Closing 200 metres of a busy road in one direction for gas works has created “total chaos” in a village.

Tallington residents say a “very long stretch” of the A1175 being closed eastbound is not only costing them time and money but is dangerous because many drivers are continuing to use it.

They say residents have not been consulted properly and motorists were not given enough notice.

Contractors for National Grid are replacing old gas pipes in Main Road- a thoroughfare with a level crossing. They started work on Monday and are expecting to be there for three weeks.

Former parish councillor Kenneth Otter said: “It’s a crazy situation. The signage is very bad and placing of the cones is even worse.”

The closure on Main Road starts about 130 metres from the level crossing up to its junction with Bainton Road.

Traffic heading from Stamford is being diverted while traffic from the Deeping direction can get through.

The one way system is from Searson Close near the railway crossing to Mill Lane, with traffic cones blocking access for a further 150 metres to West Road.

Andy Thurlby’s home Mill Lane Farm sits right in the middle of the stretch as does his father Alan’s home nearby. Alan said: “It was total chaos in Tallington on Monday.”

The Thurlbys fear their business of growing and selling Christmas trees will be affected, as customers have to make a long detour to get to the farm.

Andy said: “This weekend is when our busy period starts. People need to go to Uffington and Barholm and then come back into Tallington.”

A “furious” Libby Summers wants to know who will pay the extra £171 cost of fuel over the three weeks as her school runs and business-related travel are now twice as long.

She said: “We were not informed of the roadworks. The only notice we had was the yellow sign on the side of the road, same as everyone else. There was no notice through the door informing us of how the roadworks would affect us.”

Mrs Summers, a specialist textiles designer, who has to detour via Greatford or West Deeping to get to her house in Searsons Close, said: “It more than doubles my journey time. I have to go in and out of Stamford between four and six times a day, as my children are at different schools and have different pick up and drop off and bus times.

“I run a wholesale and online retail business so I have to go out to the post office and visit other businesses or contractors. The roadworks are going to seriously disrupt not only my family life, but also my business.”

Parish council chairman Geoff Mayling said he had to turn around two lorries heading towards Tallington because they would have met other traffic head on.

And Mrs Summers said she met three cars going the wrong way one evening and had to mount the pavement to let them


Mr Otter has asked for the traffic cones between Mill Lane and West Road, where no work is being done, be moved at least until Monday to give the villagers “a little respite” over the weekend.

He said: “It is not necessary for the cones to be in place after Mill Lane. We are hoping to get them moved on Friday so an event at the village hall can go ahead and to help the farmer who needs to move 1,000 Christmas trees from his land at Bainton Road to the farm in Mill


A spokesman for National Grid said: “Following a suggestion from the police, we have slightly amended the layout of cones on the site. There are no plans at this stage to change the current traffic management


“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents and we are aiming to complete the work as soon as possible.”