Mixed reactions to plans for zebra crossing in Sheepmarket, Stamford

Sheepmarket, Stamford. Photo: MSMP110614-001am EMN-141106-162518001
Sheepmarket, Stamford. Photo: MSMP110614-001am EMN-141106-162518001
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People have given mixed reactions to Lincolnshire County Council’s plans to install a zebra crossing in Sheepmarket, Stamford.

The council wants to build the crossing as part of its community travel zone scheme to make it easier for people to walk between the Meadows and the town centre.

We asked readers on the Mercury’s Facebook page what they thought of the idea. Some people were all in favour.

Jack Pritchard said: “It is needed for all the kids and parents with pushchairs going to and from the Meadows. However, many drivers don’t stop at zebra crossings.”

Jonathan Glick wrote: “How can people possibly be against this? Anyone who is, is either not from Stamford or has never crossed there.

“To suggest that it would slow traffic down is an insane excuse. Every time we walk with our family of two small children we give our lives to the roulette of drivers who mostly can’t care less as there are no crossing signs for pedestrians.

“Stamford lacks crossings in the correct places but this place should have had one years ago. There is no excuse.”

And Neil Henson said it would help parents with pushchairs. He added: “Hardly anyone indicates these days and it seems most don’t when turning down towards Bath Row, let alone when they decide which way to go at the bottom.

“Crossing from there onto the Meadows is like dicing with death too.”

But some people said pedestrians would not use the crossing and were causing problems for drivers. Loraine Slessor wrote: “They don’t use the one on St Mary’s Street either. And they amble up the middle of the road in St George’s Street.

“Pedestrians are a nightmare in this town, they will only use this if they don’t have to walk any extra steps.”

And Paul Szyszka added: “Pedestrians will continue to cross where they want, ignoring any zebra crossing, much like they do on Wharf Road.”