South Kesteven District Council begins consultation on residents’ parking scheme

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RESIDENTS will get the chance to have their say on street parking.

South Kesteven District Council has started a consultation on a draft policy for on-street residents’ parking schemes in the district.

The council will be talking to residents’ groups, the police and county, town and parish councils in the district before sending a questionnaire to people living in Stamford.

Many people living in Stamford have called for the district council to introduce a residents’ parking permit scheme when Lincolnshire County Council takes over parking enforcement powers from police on November 30.

District council leader Coun Linda Neal (Con) said the council had been working with specialists to look at resident parking in Stamford and a report is due back by the end of September.

She said: “They have been looking at defined scheme areas and the opportunities for on street parking schemes and hopefully their report will provide us with sufficient information and justification to be able to instigate resident parking schemes with the co-operation of Lincolnshire County Council for each of the areas.

“We also want to talk to residents to establish the level of support within each area.

“This will mean asking questions like how many vehicles there are at individual properties, if they are normally parked on or off the street, and what level of difficulty they experience parking close to their home.

“Once we have all this feedback, and found out if there is more than 50 per cent backing for each of the schemes, we will send all the results to the county council.”

District council property development manager Neil Cucksey said the county council would only consider residents’ parking permit schemes once it had taken over parking enforcement powers.

But he added that the schemes for South Kesteven were at a more advanced stage than those for other districts and would be the first submitted to the county council.

Mr Cucksey added: “The potential therefore exists to have resident parking schemes in place by May next year.”