Tree ‘saved driver’s life’ as car crashes into home

The car that caused all the damage
The car that caused all the damage
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A COUPLE’S decision not to cut down a tree probably saved the life of a driver after her car crashed into their home.

Anita and Kevin Russell were asleep in their home in Bath Row, Stamford, at about 7.45am on Monday when they heard a deafening crash.

Mrs Russell looked out of her bathroom to see what had happened. Instead of her usual view she was faced with the bonnet of the car that had crashed through her fence and smashed through the roof of the couple’s outhouse.

The car had ploughed through a hedge and fence before sliding down the hill and hitting the glass roof.

Twelve panes of glass were shattered and the car’s descent was only stopped by a small tree.

Luckily the tree prevented the car from dropping the remaining 10 feet to the concrete floor below. The female driver, believed to be in her mid 20s, was unhurt, but it could have been much worse.

Mrs Russell said: “The tree stopped her coming any further. It saved her life.

“We were going to cut it down yesterday because it overshadows the kitchen, but we decided to leave it. It was fate.

“The crash was unbelievable. The noise was horrendous.

“We could hear a lady’s voice saying ‘I’m OK, I’m fine’ and we thought it might be a crash outside or that the mirror had come off the wall.

“I looked out of the bathroom window and facing me were two headlights. I could see the driver standing next to the car.”

The car had slipped on black ice and the driver lost control while trying to park in a space in Warrenne Keep.

The car park is about two storeys higher than the houses in Bath Row below.

The Russells called for safety barriers to be installed next to the car parking spaces in Warrenne Keep to prevent another accident.

Mrs Russell added: “I feel very vulnerable now. There is no saying it couldn’t happen again.”

Warrenne Keep is a private road and parking spaces are owned individually by residents.

Secretary of the Warrenne Keep Residents’ Association Anne Sutherland said: “The car parks at Warrenne Keep are set out as planned some 30 years ago and as far as I am aware no discussion has been held as to putting in safety barriers.

“No owner, again as far as I know, has either considered putting in a barrier or suggested to the committee the idea of a barrier being installed.

“No doubt the committee will discuss this very unfortunate accident when it next meets and I am sure the owners of the car space concerned, and others close by, will themselves be considering the matter.”