VIDEO: F15 training missions “safe” claim

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The USAF base commander at RAF Lakenheath has said “it is safe” to carry out training missions so close to residential areas, after one of its F15 jets crashed in Weston Hills.

The jet narrowly missed a number of houses and a primary school before crashing into a nearby field.

An American  F15 fighter plane taking off from RAF Lakenheath.

An American F15 fighter plane taking off from RAF Lakenheath.

Col Robert Novotny said lessons would be learned from the incident.

He said: “We are fortunate we got our pilot back and we are very fortunate this crash didn’t cause anymore damage then necessary.

“It is safe to fly so close to communities like this.

“Every time we have an aircraft accident the air force does a wonderful job, not only does the US Air force but also the Royal Air Force commissions a board of officers and they look at everything.

“They look at safety, performance and the manner of which we conduct our training and all those things are put through the test and we learn lessons from them if they are necessary and obviously we continue to move forward with our training mission.”

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