Woman from Bulwick woken as car crashes into house and ends up in river

The car in Willow Brook in Bulwick
The car in Willow Brook in Bulwick
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A woman was awoken early this morning when a car crashed into her house in Bulwick and then into a river.

Caroline Headley said the vehicle hit her home in Main Street at about 3.30am today (Thursday).

She went outside and saw the car in the Willow Brook river which runs through her front garden, but no-one was inside. She called 999.

Describing the drama, Caroline, 52, said: “I was woken up and just didn’t know what had happened. It sounded like a big explosion in the house.

“I got out of bed and went downstairs but couldn’t see anything at first. I was about to go back to bed but then I noticed some lights coming from outside and thought ‘that’s a bit strange’.

“I then looked out of the window and saw the car in the river. I got a torch and went outside to see if I could see anyone but there was no-one there. Three minutes must have passed from when I heard the crash to when I got outside but they had obviously run off.

“It was very odd.”

Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly after the incident.

Police later arrested a 21-year-old local man, in the Main Street area of Bulwick. He was charged with driving while over the legal alcohol limit and released on bail. He is due to appear in court but police have not confirmed when.

Caroline says the collision caused minimal damage to the house because of its thick walls.

Despite not getting back to sleep, she has cleared up the mess and has gone into work today.

She added: “I had to clear up a few smashed plant pots and glass outside but it looked like there was more damage to the car.

“I had a glass of brandy to settle my nerves and worry after the incident and I’m back at work today.”

The car is still in the river but is due to be recovered today.