Work approved for A1 and A47 junction

John Hayes
John Hayes
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Works to reduce congestion and accidents on the A1 and A47 will begin in the new year at one of the busiest junctions in the area.

During peak periods there is regular congestion causing misery and delays for many at the A47 roundabout at Wansford, west of Peterborough, with queues of traffic heading onto the A1 southbound exit slip road, with more than 60,000 cars using the road every day.

According to Highways Agency, over a five-year period there have been eight accidents that are ‘directly attributable to traffic queuing on the A1.’

The accidents resulted in 11 casualties, including one person who was seriously hurt. The rest escaped fromthe incidents with only minor injuries.

The work, which is expected to cost £593,000 will begin in January next year, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the following month.

Motorists are being warned to face extra delays while the works are being completed.

Roads Minister John Hayes met Highways Agency staff at the junction on Thursday, October 23, to discuss plans to ease congestion and improve traffic flow.

Mr Hayes, who visited the site where the new scheme will be built, said the works were crucial for the region’s motorists.

He said: “These improvements will be a huge benefit to road users who get stuck at this junction on a daily basis.

“Plans are on track to see diggers on the ground in January, and once completed the works will cut congestion and unlock the economy in the east of England.

“This is part of a £24 billion upgrade to Britain’s major roads, which will include further improvements to the A47, details of which will be set out later this year.”

As part of the ‘pinch point’ programme, the work will include widening two lanes of the A47 eastbound approach to and exit from the roundabout as well as widening the A1 exit slip road approach to the roundabout.

Traffic signals are to be installed on the roundabout and on all entries to the roundabout.