Work completed to get rid of bad smell from sewers in Bourne

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WORK to rid Bourne of a bad smell from its sewers has been completed ahead of schedule.

West Street reopened on Tuesday, three days ahead of schedule, having been closed since March 26.

The road was closed to traffic between St Peter’s Road and the junction with North Street while repair work was completed.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “This was a big job, which saw us repairing a fault with the pipe, which was allowing odours to escape from the sewer and out through the road gullies, which take away rain and surface water.

“We also fitted odour traps to the gullies, to remove any possibility of smells finding their way out from other parts of the network.

“We would like to thank people in Bourne for their patience during the works and we believe their problems with odours from this sewer are now at an end.”

Bourne town councillor Shirley Cliffe has been calling for an end to the bad smell, which has blighted the street for about five years.

She said: “It will be nice to walk down the street and be able to stop and talk to people because when it was at its worst you just couldn’t stand to stay in the area.

“I hope the work has solved the problem. I am keeping my fingers crossed this is the end of it and if it isn’t I hope it won’t take five years of battling to put it right.”

Traders in Bourne, who have had to suffer the sewage smells intermittently, are cautiously optimistic that the problem seems to have been resolved.

Manager at Eckford’s Estate Agents in West Street, Camilla Eckford, said: “From what I can tell they have done a fairly good job, there is no smell at the moment and it’s great that they have got it done ahead of time.

“It was always a problem. It used to smell awful outside, especially in the summer. I am very pleased it has been done.”

Owner of Burtons of Bourne bakery in West Street, Mark James said: “We are happy

that they have done the work because it really needed doing.

“The work was right in front of our store but we would rather have had the short disruption and them sort it for good.

“Hopefully that will be the last of it now.”

Shop owners had been concerned that the road being closed for a month result in a dip in trade but found that because the road had still been partly accessible, it had not been as bad as feared.