Your chance to fly a jet liner at Sibson Airfield

Boeing 737 ' 800 flight training simulator EMN-160426-155139001
Boeing 737 ' 800 flight training simulator EMN-160426-155139001
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A Boeing 737 flight simulator described by a top airline’s training captain as ‘as near to the real as I’ve flown yet’ has been built at Sibson Airfield.

The hi-tech facility is the brainchild of former trainee airline pilot and entrepreneur Jonathan Lockton.

It is so realistic, it is suitable for use by qualified airline pilots – but can also be experienced by enthusiasts looking to take the controls of a jet liner in a safe environment.

Mr Lockton said: “The simulator took six months to build and is an exact replica of a Boeing 737 - 800. We sourced original parts for the simulator from around the world to ensure the flight experience it provides is as close to actually flying as possible.”

The 737 simulator can be programmed to take off from, and land at, over 15,000 airports around the world, and is equipped with features not found on other simulators costing over $20m.

The simulator is based at Sibson Airfield, home of Peterborough Flying School, which provides a wide range of aviation services and is open seven days a week.

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