Tributes paid to Ryhall United player

Ryhall United footballer Jonny Hewing
Ryhall United footballer Jonny Hewing
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TRIBUTES have been paid to a Ryhall United player, who died at the weekend.

A spokesman for the club said: “Ryhall United are in mourning after the tragic death of first team player Jonathan (Jonny) Hewing.

“Jonny was well respected and highly thought of both on and off the field by team mates, training partners and committee members with in the club. He was a friend to all.

“He will be sadly missed and all at Ryhall United send their dearest and deepest condolences to Jonny’s family and close friends.”

One of Jonathan’s closest friends, who posted a tribute on his Facebook page, said: “Well the time has come to say goodbye. I’ve tried to put it off for as long as possible as I just dont want it to be real or accept in the slightest!

“The person that I need at a time like this is ironically you. You were the person who I turned to in all situations. You were my rock buddy. My best friend. My star!

“But throughout all this it’s not myself I feel sorry for; nor is it one single person who has written on your wall for the simple reason that we had the greatest pleasure in the world of knowing you and seeing that gorgeous smile light up any room you walked in to!

“It is the hundreds of people that would have got to know you in the future; the people who have missed out on meeting such a hero; the people who would instantly warm to you like so many people have in the past... they are the people I feel sorry for.

“You were the brother I never had. My inspiration. The one I always looked up to. I just want to do you proud as I was always so proud of you! I wanted everyone to know that Jonny Hewing was MY best mate.

“You may be gone but you have touched the hearts of so many people and for that reason you will continue to live on forever. You will never be forgotten my friend!

“I hope that God knows what he has let himself in for, taking such a perfect human so prematurely. He better be prepared for a new gaffa up there.

“Just remember mate. You will never walk alone! My love forever and always. RIP”

One of Jonathan’s childhood friends said: “I knew Jonny since we were both one, we lived across the road to each other and went to primary school together. At that time we were inseparable and spent all day together, both in school and after school in each others house playing with Lego or Scalextric.

“It used to be me and Jonny against the world. We lost touch about 10 years ago after he moved to Scotland but I still have many memories of him.

“My most vivid memory is from when we were both about seven. Jonny and his family had moved to live with his Step Dad and one day after school I was over there. Jonny’s step dad lived on a farm and had a lot of barns out the back. Jonny and I decided to dig a hole as big as we could manage and were there digging for seemingly hours.

“After a while we got bored and decided to fill the hole with water and created a huge muddy mess, we then decided to fill the watery hole with sand and both preceded to get stuck in the muddy mess. We both lost our wellies in the mud and both ended up caked head to toe in mud, sand and water. We both got such a telling off for it from both sets of parents but I don’t think we cared a bit.

“Jonny was also with me on the day I found out my Grandad had died. Jonny was his usual kind self and did everything to comfort me during a bad time. Now I’m finding myself doing the same for people we both knew in school after his death.

“He was always there through my own personal darkest days during my battle with depression. I leaned on him heavily and he never gave way, he just stood there and held me up not letting me give up. He helped save my life. I would never have been able to repay him for what he did for me and now I shall never get the chance to try.

“Even though we had lost touch, his death still leaves a huge hole in my life. He was my oldest friend, and I shall miss him more than I could ever describe.”

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