Twinning group in Germany calls for visit from Oakham people

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An invitation has been issued from families and members of the Twinning Association in Barmstedt, north Germany, for a visit by Oakham people in May, to mark 30 years since the two towns twinned.

The visit would be for two or three days and the invitation is to individuals, couples, or families. Members in Barmstedt would also love to meet sports or groups with special interests with a view to future exchanges.

Some of the past visits have been exchanges between bands, choirs, table tennis, artists, individual families, and scouts. One year a double decker London red bus drove to Barmstedt as support for a young group who made their way by bicycle.

Angie Humphreys, from Oakham Twinning Association, said Barmstedt was similar in size to Oakham, and was full of friendly residents keen to meet new and old Oakham friends to create more friendships for future twinning activities.

Please phone 01572 756120 to find out more details regarding plans for transport and dates, or to get any questions answered in connection with the twinning link.