Ukip leads calls to sack Sir Alan over Brexit comments

The Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan, MP for Melton
The Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan, MP for Melton
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Calls have been made to sack a Tory MP over his claims that Brexit voters were the working class “throwing a bit of a tantrum”.

Sir Alan Duncan, the Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton, claimed traditional blue-collar Labour supporters had been “stirred up” by the immigration issue in the run up to the referendum on June 23, 2016.

Speaking in the United States the MP, who backed the Remain camp and is Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, said: “The manner in which the campaign was fought stirred up a lot of sentiment amongst people who were not habitual voters, particularly on the issue of immigration.

“You could feel blue-collar, urban, traditional Labour opinion going viral for Leave. They were stirred up by an image of immigration which made them angry and made them throw a bit of a tantrum.”

He added that some of the anger was artificial as many people did not want to do the jobs that they felt the immigrants would take.

His comments led to claims that Sir Alan is treating Brexit supporters with contempt.

Henry Bolton, Ukip’s leader, called for him to be sacked by the Prime Minister Theresa May or to resign.

He said: “How can a man who is meant to represent the UK in Europe feel that way about the majority of the people in the UK?

“It is clear that the Minister represents the interests of Europe rather than the UK.”

Sir Alan was not available to comment at the time of going to press.