Uppingham family’s devastation after cats are poisoned

Poisoned cats Fluffy and Jasper EMN-150825-115527001
Poisoned cats Fluffy and Jasper EMN-150825-115527001
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The RSPCA is appealing for information after two cats died after ingesting poison.

Three-year-old Jasper died on Saturday and Fluffy, also aged three, died a day later on Sunday. Samples taken from Jasper by a vet showed that he had ingested anti-freeze.

Poisoned cats Fluffy and Jasper EMN-150825-115538001

Poisoned cats Fluffy and Jasper EMN-150825-115538001

Their owner, Jenny Stanton, of Johnson Road, in Uppingham, said that their deaths has left her family devastated.

Jasper, a Burmese Black cat who was rescued as a stray in Portugal by Jenny and her family, started showing symptoms on Thursday last week, when he was unable to move.

He was taken to an emergency vets, where tests showed he had been poisoned.

Jenny said: “The vet rang us on Saturday afternoon and said that Jasper was getting worse. We went to the vets and gave Jasper a big cuddle. We didn’t want to let him go. We spent 40 minutes with him before he was put to sleep.”

On Sunday, the family noticed that their other cat, Fluffy, was not walking properly, so he was taken to the vets too. Tests showed that Fluffy, a Norwegian Forest breed, had also been poisoned. Fluffy rapidly deteriorated and died later that day.

Jenny said: “The vet said the poison in Fluffy’s blood was off the scale.

“It has been absolutely awful for us to lose two cats in such a short space of time. We don’t know if the poisonings was accidental or malicious and we really want to know.

“We also want to warn other people in the area about this to stop it from happening to other cats. It has been heartbreaking.”

Jenny added: “Jasper was extremely smart. He loved pottering between the house and front garden and was never far away. Fluffy was the most placid cat you could imagine and his friendship with my seven-year-old daughter Jodie was lovely.

“We have been on a roller coaster of emotions since last Friday. I still can’t believe they are gone.”

Anyone with any information that could help can call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.