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Uppingham Surgery’s Ketton branch to close

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News (3474836)

East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group’s (ELR CCG) Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) has agreed to close Ketton Branch Surgery, following a public consultation.

Uppingham Surgery, which runs Ketton Branch Surgery, submitted a request to close the site and centralise services at its main site in Uppingham.

Currently, appointments at Ketton are offered for one GP session per week on Friday mornings and one nurse session per week on Monday mornings.

For the remainder of the week, when Ketton Branch Surgery is not open (Mondays to Fridays), patients travel to Uppingham main surgery, Barrowden or Gretton branch surgeries.

Data shows that Ketton Branch Surgery has the largest number of underused appointments across the four sites run by Uppingham Surgery.

From January to June 2017 at the Ketton Branch Surgery, there were 579 unused GP appointments (41 per cent of those available) and 74 unused nurse appointments (25 per cent of those available).

Less than 20 per cent of Ketton’s residents use services at Ketton Branch Surgery.

The demographic of this list is mixed across all age groups.

The facilities at the Ketton site are limited.

The branch surgery occupies two rooms in the Ketton Village Library, which means the practice is unable to provide the scope of care required by some patients.

The practice began a public consultation on February 1 which came to an end on June 1.

The initial consultation which was due to end on May 1 was extended by a month following a request from patients for more detailed information and a change in some of the survey questions.

During the consultation, the practice listened to patients’ views and concerns and subsequently modified its process by including additional questions in its survey and providing its business case for its proposed closure of Ketton Branch Surgery.

The consultation was also extended by one month to give people time to fully understand the additional information.

In total, 417 people responded to the survey (260 people responded to the first survey and 157 to the second amended survey).

Seven face-to-face drop-in sessions were hosted by the practice and there were approximately 50 attendees across all sessions.

Feedback from the survey, drop-in sessions and all other comments provided during the consultation period were collated and independently analysed before being presented to the PCCC.

Although there was support from respondents to keep Ketton Branch Surgery open, Uppingham Surgery’s recommendation to the PCCC detailed sufficient measures that it would put in place to minimise any impact a closure would have on Ketton patient.

The PCCC was satisfied that Uppingham Surgery would be taking the most appropriate steps, in the interests of all of its patients.

Karen English, managing director of ELR CCG said: “This has been a very difficult decision for the PCCC to make.

"After fully considering the consultation analysis report and the reasons for Uppingham Practice’s proposal, we agree that we have made the right decision and the outcome will benefit all of the practice’s patients.

"We will continue to work closely with the practice to ensure a smooth transition for those patients who currently access services at Ketton."

Uppingham Surgery will now write to patients informing them of the decision and next steps.

There will be a minimum period of 90 days before patients can no longer access services at Ketton Branch Surgery.

The CCG will work with the practice and agree an exit plan ensuring a smooth transition for patients.

Patients should contact Uppingham Surgery if they have any further enquiries.

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