Utensil riddle is solved

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A mystery which has gone unanswered for more 
than ten years has been solved by knowledgeable 
Mercury readers.

Irene and David Scott, of The Tannery in Barrowden, turned to the Mercury readers after years of searching to discover what a utensil they found in their kitchen drawer should be used for.

Having consulted experts all over the country the couple were at a lost but it took just a couple of days for the answers to begin flooding in.

Five Mercury readers answered the call to solve the mystery. Hugh and Debby Illingworth, of Stamford Road, Oakham said: “Easy. It’s a sweet- corn stripper tool. About ten years ago, we visited a very traditional hardware store in South Carolina and bought one, identical to the one in the photo, in yellow and it is in regular use even today.”

Robert and Jill Roman of Old Nursery House, Stanford agreed saying that it is a common utensil in the United States.

Liz Knight from Wing said: “My father had one of these and it is to remove the corn from a corn-on-the-cob. Martin Seymour and Carole Booty also contacted us with the correct use for the utensil.

A delighted David said: “I would never have guessed that it was used for that. We will have to give it a go now we know what it is for. Thank you to everyone who got in contact.”