Vehicles targeted by scrap metal thieves

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Police are combatting thefts of catalytic converters in the area by encouraging drivers to get their vehicles security marked.

For the second year running Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team has teamed up with garages to offer motorists the opportunity to have their catalytic converters security marked.

In the past month thieves have stolen catalytic convertors from vehicles in Bourne and Thurlby.

Sgt Rachel Blackwell said: “These thefts have become more and more common since the start of the credit crunch in 2008 and high price for precious metals has resulted in a noticeable increase in theft of catalytic converters.

“Thieves simply cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe of vehicles and sell them on to scrap dealers.

“This crime can be committed in little more than 30 seconds and has a significant financial impact on the vehicle owner, with vehicles having to be taken off the road for lengthy periods for repair, with the cost to replace a catalytic converter escalating into £1,000’s, not to mention the impact this may have on insurance premiums.

“By having your vehicle marked it will be a deterrent and will make thieves think twice”.

While the marking alone will not prevent the act of theft, the displaying of a notice in a vehicle window stating the converter has been security marked may act as a deterrent to thieves who will not want to take an item which will be harder to sell.

Taller vehicles or vehicles with high ground clearance such as 4x4s and transit vans are most vulnerable as the converters are more accessible and so if you have such a vehicle it is advisable to have it marked.

The marking sessions are taking place at Bush Tyres, in Cherryholt Road, Bourne, on Tuesday from 10am to 1pm and at Gary Walton Tyres, in White Leather Square Industrial Estate in Billingborough on March 5 from 1pm to 4.30pm.

Drivers need to bring along their registration document for the vehicle being engraved and a driving licence.