Video: Empingham garage fire was ‘accidental’

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A blaze that completely destroyed the garage of a house, spread to its main entrance, and damaged contents in a neighbouring garage was started “accidentally”.

The fire started about 9.30pm on Sunday in the garage of the detached house in Crocket Lane, Empingham.

A fire in Crocket Lane, Empingham. Photo: Jon Gibbison

A fire in Crocket Lane, Empingham. Photo: Jon Gibbison

Within minutes the flames had engulfed the garage and it started to spread to the main property.

Fire crews were able to stop it from spreading to the house, but not before the porch was badly burned and flames scorched the windows on the first floor.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue said their investigations had established that the blaze was “accidental, believed to be use of DIY tools before the fire”.

On Monday only a few burnt tiles stacked in front of the spot where the garage once stood remained of the brick building.

Its entire contents had gone up in smoke.

The blaze spread to an adjacent garage, partially burning some of the items stored inside and smoke-damaging the rest.

Stephen St Clair-Thompson, resident of the neighbouring house, whose garage was affected, said he was enjoying a summer drink in the garden when he spotted flames rising from the garage next door.

He said: “It spread rapidly. It was extremely quick. Three fire appliances arrived and the crews prevented it from spreading to the house.”

A shaken Mr St Clair-Thompson said his neighbours were extremely upset. He said the man of the house had been taken to hospital with injuries to his arm after trying to battle the blaze and his wife was staying with friends. Their dog had to be led to safety.

The fire services said they responded to reports that a single-storey garage was on fire in Crocket Lane just after 9.30pm on Sunday.

Two fire crews from Oakham and one from Uppingham attended the blaze. They were at the scene until midnight and returned the next day to investigate the cause.