Video: Mick’s festive display lights up the street

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A builder has brought Christmas cheer to his whole street with a stunning light display featuring reindeer and snow.

Mick Bell, 58, has been decorating his home in Fife Close, Stamford, for more than 25 years.

Christmas lights on the house of Mick Bell, in Fife Close, Stamford

Christmas lights on the house of Mick Bell, in Fife Close, Stamford

His display started small but has grown over the years to resemble a winter wonderland. And this year Mick took things a step further by building a festive tower in his workshop.

He said: “It’s the first time I’ve done a building. It took a day to build and a day to put up.

“It first started off with a tree and some bulbs and it went from there.

“I just do it for people to come and see.”

Mick’s displays have become famous within his neighbourhood. He makes plenty of effort to keep visitors entertained and has installed a snow machine to add that extra festive touch.

He said: “Over the weekends it can get quite busy. We get quite a few cars turning round in the road.

“The reaction is very good. People who have been before bring their kids along every year.”

Creating a tasteful display is important for Mick, who is conscious of disturbing his neighbours.

He added: “I don’t like a lot of flashing lights. And the display changes over the years.”

Technological developments have also had their effect on the illuminations.

Mick said: “It gets a lot easier because the bulbs are all LEDs. If a bulb went out before it put the whole lot out. Now that doesn’t happen.”

Mick also keeps his eye on the numerous other displays in town. He added: “It’s nice to drive by and see what other people are doing.”