Video: Norfolk terrier wags the weight off to feature in calendar

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NORFOLK terrier Bobby is just two thirds the dog he used to be after shedding the pounds for a weight loss competition.

The little dog lost 9lb with the help of his owners Sheila and Raymond Carlton, of Emmanuel Road, Stamford, and was rewarded for his efforts by being chosen as the face of January in a calendar for pet food manufacturer Royal Canin.

Raymond Carlton and Bobby

Raymond Carlton and Bobby

Little Bobby was one of 12 finalists in the company’s national Weigh-In Club competition, in which more than 170 pets throughout the country were successful in reaching their weight loss target.

Bobby weighed 27lb 8oz but after keeping to his strict fitness regime for a year, he now weighs 18lb 12oz.

Sheila and Raymond are delighted that their 12-year-old terrier is now a minor celebrity in the animal world, and most importantly, is fit and healthy.

Sheila, 67, said: “He’s been fantastic and we’re both very proud of him.

“He is only a small dog so to lose 9lb is quite a lot.

“He never used to be interested in playing with his toys and balls or going for a walk but he loves it all now and will walk quite a way.

“We had to take him to the vets to be weighed each week which was funny because it was just like an adult going to a Weight Watchers class.

“But we’re very proud of him and it’s great to see him in the calendar. Most people we know now have a copy.”

Sheila and Raymond noticed Bobby was piling on the weight when he was finishing off the dishes which their other dog, Cairn terrier Barney, was leaving in his bowl, before Barney died in December.

Bobby’s weight led to heart problems and it was not until help came from veterinary nurse Hannah Parrott, of Burghley Veterinary Centre in Stamford, who gave him his dietary plan, that the weight dropped off.

Sheila said: “He used to just eat everything in sight.

“He didn’t eat bad food but he would just eat what Barney didn’t so he would be having two meals at a time.

“And then because he ate so much, he didn’t want to run around and he would just toddle along when we went out for walks.

“But Hannah has done a fantastic job. She helped him through it all and she was wonderful. We can’t thank her enough.”

Hannah said: “Obesity is detrimental to pets’ health and can shorten their lives. With the help of special diets like those by Royal Canin, we can help owners like Mr and Mrs Carlton make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of their pets through good body weight management.”