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A Day in Stamford video reveals beauty of Stamford's architecture and gets 2,000 hits on YouTube in just 4 days

A stone company has produced a video showing how beautiful Stamford's architecture is and it has received more than 2,000 hits in just four days.

A Day in Stamford was sponsored by Grantham-based firm Goldholme Stone, which has an interest in the architecture of Stamford. The firm has supplied limestone for a host of projects in the town, including the Cecil Square Stamford development by Morris Homes in Kettering Road and the restoration of Stamford Corn Exchange in Broad Street.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday (July 2) and already it has received more than 2,100 views.

The firm's managing director Phil Kerry said the inspiration for the video came about after he wrote a series of short articles about the stone that built various towns and cities, including both Stamford Stone and Clipsham Stone.

Managing director of Grantham-based firm Goldholme Stone Phil Kerry said the video was produced by a company called Abstract Productions, a company headed by his son Jonathan Kerry.

Phil said: "The brief was to produce a cutting edge short film of three minutes that would hold the viewers’ attention, with a state-of-the-art quality, crystal clear with images and dare devil drone piloting."

A Day in Stamford video
A Day in Stamford video

Two DJI Mavic 2 drones were used for the distance footage and a miniature palm-of-the-hand size drone, called the DJI Mini Mavic, was also used. This small drone weighs just 249grams and is able to get to areas the bigger drones cannot.

Phil said: "In all it took four visits to the town in order to get the Sun in the direction for the various street scenes.

"Jonathan was able to take advantage of the recent heatwave with Mediterranean blue skies."

He was delighted at how well the video had been received, saying it was "ballistic".

Phil added: "We have another longer video of Stamford in the pipeline. If any prospective sponsors would like to come forward, it may make it a reality and of course we will give appropriate credits on the video, which should be watched by thousands and be around for 10 years plus!"

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