Video: Rutland Laundry battling to reopen after fire

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The owners of a launderette which was damaged by fire on Monday night are fighting to get back in business as quickly as possible.

Terry and Mandy Black are now clearing up at Rutland Laundry in Melton Road, Oakham.

The damage after the fire at Rutland Laundry

The damage after the fire at Rutland Laundry

The blaze,which was caused by tea towels overheating in a tumble dryer, caused smoke damage to the shop and some machines. Many garments were not damaged as they were in the back of the premises and wrapped in plastic.

However the shop is closed and Terry and Mandy are battling to get the business going again.

Mr Black said: “Mandy was totally devastated when she saw the damage.

“Our biggest concern now is to make sure our customers are not inconvenienced any more than necessary.

“We are aware sympathy only lasts for so long. We need to get the insurance side of things sorted and make sure they understand how urgently we want to get the shop open.”

Mr Black, who has run the business with Mandy for more than six years, said his biggest priority was returning garments to his customers.

He said: “As soon as we can get open we will do.

“We are even talking about our staff taking the laundry to another laundrette and taking stuff home to get them clean and back to our customers.”

Firefighters were called to the premises at 10pm by a woman who lives in the flat above. She was outside by the time they arrived.

The fire crews broke down the back door to the shop and put out the blaze.

Mr Black was asleep at home when the first calls came through telling him about the fire.

He said: “Someone called and shouted down the phone ‘your shop is on fire, get down here’. That really wakes you up quick I can tell you.”

The fire, which was out before he arrived, was described by the fire service as a “slow burn” and produced a lot of black smoke.

The couple, who are active fundraisers for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance, praised the actions of the firefighters for their rapid response and taking control of the situation quickly.

They are not sure when the shop will reopen but are urging customers to stick with them.

The flat above the shop had minor smoke damage.