Video: Skater’s 100km challenge to help children

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A record label owner will skate 100km to raise money for a charity that uses the sport to engage with disadvantaged young people.

Gareth Ellis, 34, will skate from Cambridge to Stamford, covering the distance in about 10 hours.

Gareth Ellison will skate the 100 kms from Cambridge to Stamford for international charity Skate-aid.

Gareth Ellison will skate the 100 kms from Cambridge to Stamford for international charity Skate-aid.

He aims to raise funds and highlight the work of Skate-aid, the international charity that works on the premise “skateboarding knows no frontiers and wars, colour of skin or hate, rich or poor”.

Gareth said: “Kids love skateboarding. If you fall off the skateboard, you get back on and continue. That is a good lesson for life.

“Skating brings youngsters together and it’s a common ground for children irrespective of where they come from or their background.”

Three years ago Gareth, of Wansford Road, Yarwell, suffered a snapped ankle and fractured shin while playing football.

He spent months in a wheelchair and had to have metal plates inserted in his ankle and shin during reconstructive surgery.

Gareth, father of two-year- old Brekon who is already learning to skate, said: “During the last few months I stepped back on to a board, having to re-learn everything and skate a different stance and style.

“All I can do is cruise but my love for skateboarding has made me decide to cruise a long way for this great charity.

“It’s going to be pretty tough, but if we can raise money for this amazing charity that does amazing work with kids then it’s cool.”

Gareth, who owns Ashes Records, said he wanted to promote the charity as well as encourage young people to take up skating because it helps to break down barriers.

Gareth will set off from Billy’s skate shop in Cambridge at 8am tomorrow and travel via Peterborough’s Ferry Meadows to Stamford.

He expects to arrive at Mama Liz’s bar in North Street between 6pm and 7pm where the fundraising drive will continue.

His label will also be releasing a compilation benefit CD featuring many 
rad bands from around the world to raise funds for the charity.

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