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Video: Ducklings stop the traffic in Bourne's Saxon Way

Fifteen tiny ducklings and their proud mum brought a street in Bourne to a bit of a standstill yesterday (Thursday, May 11).

The cute display was captured on video by Hazel Stubbs, who was on her way to do some litter picking.

It seemed the 'quackers' bunch weren't quite sure where they were heading, as they waddled back and forth across Saxon Way causing cars to come to a halt.

But after a few minutes - and without too many feathers ruffles - the family found the stream which runs along the side of Mercia Gardens, known by Hazel as 'The Drain', and safely swam away.

Hazel, 60, who lives in Sharpe's Close, said: "I was on my way to clear up the litter that gets stuck at the bottom of the hedge at the end of Saffron Walk when I happened to see the mother leading her 15 little ducklings along Saxon Way.

"Cars had stopped on the road, and I was trying to encourage them to move away from the road and down to The Drain.

"Finally, three other ducks turned up and helped to bring them back to safety.

"We occasionally see ducks in Bourne streets at this time of year, but I've never seen this many ducklings with one mother."

Another video (above) of the ducklings was sent in by 26-year-old Freddie Barrett from Westbourne Park in Bourne.

Duck family photographed by Kezi Carter
Duck family photographed by Kezi Carter

A family with 16 ducklings was also spotted at the Wellhead in Bourne on the same day. The picture above was taken by Kezi Carter

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