Villagers revved up over Dowsby hall plan

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OBJECTIONS have been lodged against a village hall’s licence bid after complaints about a bikers’ club.

Villagers in Dowsby say the club members, who meet at the hall every week are responsible for noise in the early hours of the morning, causing parking problems and using unacceptable language.

The club denies all the accusations and the village hall committee says it has never had a complaint about the club.

South Kesteven District Council is considering an application for a licence to allow the sale of alcohol on the premises and entertainment.

However, a report to the council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing committee says there have been 11 objections.

The report says the objectors claim the bikers’ club has resulted in an increase of noise in the early hours of the morning, vomit and broken glass in the grounds of the hall and children’s playground, increased traffic parking problems and unacceptable language within earshot of children.

But village hall committee chairman David Brindley says vomit was found but it was not clear if it was from a person or an animal.

He said: “As for the broken glass in the playground, we have no record whatsoever of any being found.

“The man who cuts our grass every fortnight has never found any chopped up in his lawnmower and we’ve never had a complaint from a parent.”

Linda Newman is secretary of the Eagles Motorcycle Club which has members from all over county.

She said the club met at the village hall on the first and third Friday, and then the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

She said they were a family-orientated club which supported the community..

Mrs Newman said: “There are some members of the community who are opposed to our club meeting at the hall, but the majority we have spoken to are happy with us.”

Mrs Newman, who lives in Boston, said the club had been meeting at the village hall for more than a year .

She said: “We have helped to do the hall up too. We’ve put down carpets tiles and revamped the place. It is much more welcoming now.”

The committee has applied for the licence so it can be used for more events and help bring in more money to cover running costs.

Mr Brindley said: “We need the licence to comply with the law. We are just doing the same as the other village halls in the area.”

The licence would allow the hall to hold films, dancing, refreshments and indoor sporting events.

The application is for these activities to take place indoors with the exception of plays, live music and late night refreshments which the committee has asked to hold inside and outside.

South Kesteven District Council has also objected as it is concerned that the hall is close to residential properties meaning that if live music was to be played outdoors until 11pm at night - it could lead to public nuisance.

The district council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing committee will decide whether or not to grant the licence at a hearing on Tuesday.