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Bourne Elsea Park and Bourne Abbey Primaries visit vintage cars

Year 2 at Bourne Elsea Park and Bourne Abbey Primaries zoomed into their new topic ‘Oh the Places you’ll go’ at top speed last week when they went to visit some amazing vintage cars.

The look of delight on the children’s faces as they saw these magnificent modes of transport was just wonderful to see.

We were lucky enough to see cars that spanned over 80 years and both children and adults were fascinated to see first-hand the changes that have happened to this very familiar mode of transport.

Vintage cars visit
Vintage cars visit

The children made some brilliant observations and comparisons between the cars as well as asking lots of questions about them.

Frankie’s favourite was the racing car because it looked fast.

Alessa loved the limousine because it had fluffy seats and looked so comfy.

Some of the differences we spotted were the spare wheels, lack of seatbelts and a strange thermometer at the front of the car.

Once we had explored every car and listened to all the horns, we returned to school to study the photos we had taken and make some detailed sketches in our art books.

The children were eager to write about all the amazing facts we had uncovered and have a go at creating our own timeline of travel through the ages.

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